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Berlitz language school is the world’s leading language school in foreign language education, with over 140 years of experience and a global education network covering more than 70 countries.

Berlitz Language School means quality foreign language education all over the world.

Which Language Would You Like to Learn?

Whichever language you want to learn, Berlitz language schools have the right education for you.

The most flexible, efficient way to learn a language online is FLEX. Learners can have one-to-one private lessons each day with a live instructor. FLEX is available in English, German and Spanish languages.

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English Courses

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A Different Language School

Berlitz language school offers foreign language courses for every need. Regardless of your foreign language knowledge, you will start speaking in your target language from your first lesson.

A Global Language School

Berlitz language schools enable people to learn foreign languages in 72 countries. Foreign language education of the same standard and quality is provided in all Berlitz branches in the world. This way, you can receive language education in Turkey at the same standard as a person learning a foreign language abroad.

The Best Language School

We provide language training only with experienced foreign teachers and in line with Berlitz’s high quality standards to ensure you get the best foreign language course.

Testimonials of Students Studying in Our Language School

The best way to learn a foreign language

I applied for an internship abroad, which I had not applied for before due to interviews in a foreign language. My internship application was approved after interviews in a foreign language and I did an internship abroad last year. Completing the internship without any problems in a foreign language gave me a different self-confidence. My next goal is to do my master’s degree abroad.
Ramazan Çiftçi
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Excellent language school

I have been studying at Berlitz language school for about 1 year. And the fact that a team values ​​each other so much, that it is united and professional, impressed me a lot. I am very lucky to work with this team. Unlike normal education, with the importance given to speaking, you will definitely break the taboo of ‘I understand but I cannot speak’.
Gonca Gül Ördek
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Dedication and Discipline

Thanks to the teaching dedication and discipline of the Berlitz language school and our foreign teachers, I have made progress in language within 1 year. I am grateful to the Berlitz family that supports and stands by their students in every way.
Betül Kerimler
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You do not need to go abroad to study a foreign language. You can get the same quality foreign language education as the language schools abroad with Berlitz language school in Turkey. Please review our globally trusted references of our language school all over the world.

Our Global References

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Language Courses for Corporations

Berlitz is a global language school specializing in corporate English training. With its training network spread over 70 countries, it has been providing English training to the employees of multinational companies with a high success rate for many years. We owe this success to the correct analysis of the English learning needs of the institutions, our coordinated work with the training planners and the human resources departments, the strong communication of our trainers with the employees of the institution and the return of the investment made by the institution.