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Private Spanish lessons are the most effective way to learn Spanish

The basis of private Spanish lessons is the proven Berlitz Method®. It is based on teaching Spanish by active speaking and learning by practice. Berlitz students actively learn Spanish through plenty of speaking practice.

Our students, who take private lessons in Spanish, achieve visible results in a short time in their comprehension and speaking skills. Spanish lesson materials are prepared according to the Berlitz Method and support reading, writing and grammar development and guarantee the best results from private Spanish lessons.

Our Spanish courses enable you to reach your Spanish learning goals in a short time, with our more than 140 years of global foreign language teaching experience and a unique method that is accepted as the best worldwide.

Berlitz Spanish Courses are considered quality Spanish education all over the world. We are always with you on your Spanish learning journey with our professional education consultants, expert operation team and experienced native Spanish speaking staff.

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If you are looking for a Spanish course, do not decide without consulting Berlitz.

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Online Spanish course

Online Spanish Course

Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish Lessons

Spanish for Kids & Teens

Spanish for Kids & Teens

What Do We Offer In Spanish Courses?

Berlitz offers Spanish course options for every budget and has been helping our students speak Spanish for over 140 years. In our Spanish courses, you learn Spanish with academic support, face-to-face communication and a successful model.

We have different Spanish course options according to our students’ Spanish learning preferences, demands and ages. Our expert education consultants are always ready to support our students in making the right choice and creating a personalized Spanish education program. The Spanish education program chosen by the student according to his/her budget and goals is followed by our expert advisors, and it is ensured that the student reaches his/her Spanish speaking goals.

Spanish Courses for Every Budget, Every Goal

Learning Spanish with Spanish courses is easier than you think. With appropriate support, face-to-face communication and a successful model, learning Spanish becomes quite easy. At Berlitz Language Schools, there are different Spanish course alternatives suitable for every budget and every goal. Conversation-oriented Spanish education is provided in all Spanish course options.

Hızlı İspanyolca Öğrenmek için Spanish Private Lessons

Taking private Spanish lessons is the most effective and fastest way to reach your goals. You can customize in line with your area of interest and plan Spanish lessons on days and times that suit you.

En İyisinde Learn Spanish Online

Our online Spanish course allows students to take a private lesson every day of the week. You can learn Spanish by video and speaking with native Spanish teachers in the comfort of your home.

Spanish Courses for Kids & Teens

The Spanish course for children was developed by Berlitz Global for children aged 5-17 and young adults. Contact us to prepare your child for the future by learning Spanish.

Testimonials of Students Studying in Our Language School

The best way to learn a foreign language

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I applied for an internship abroad, which I had not applied for before due to interviews in a foreign language. My internship application was approved after interviews in a foreign language and I did an internship abroad last year. Completing the internship without any problems in a foreign language gave me a different self-confidence. My next goal is to do my master’s degree abroad.
Ramazan Ciftci

Excellent language school

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I have been studying at Berlitz language school for about 1 year. And the fact that a team values ​​each other so much, that it is united and professional, impressed me a lot. I am very lucky to work with this team. Unlike normal education, with the importance given to speaking, you will definitely break the taboo of ‘I understand but I cannot speak’.
Gonca Gul Ordek

Dedication and Discipline

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Thanks to the teaching dedication and discipline of the Berlitz language school and our foreign teachers, I have made progress in language within 1 year. I am grateful to the Berlitz family that supports and stands by their students in every way.
Betul Kerimler

Spanish Levels

Before starting the Spanish course, you can learn your current knowledge within 30 minutes with the online test that we use globally. Please click on the link below to find out your Spanish level.

Spanish proficiency levels and explanations chart

You don’t need to go abroad for the best Spanish course. You can get the same quality Spanish education as the language schools in Spain with Berlitz in Turkey. You can review our references who trust us globally and prefer our Spanish courses.

Our Global References

Corporate Spanish Courses

Corporate Spanish Courses

Berlitz is a global language school specializing in corporate Spanish training. With its training network spread over more than 70 countries, it has been providing Spanish training to the employees of multinational companies with a high success rate for many years. We owe this success to the correct analysis of the Spanish learning needs of the institutions, our coordinated work with the training planners and the human resources departments, the strong communication of our trainers with the employees of the institution and the return of the investment made by the institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spanish Courses

Spanish courses allow you to learn Spanish by gaining reading, writing and, more importantly, listening and speaking skills. Spanish courses may differ according to learning method, goals and budgets.

  1. General Spanish Courses
  2. Business Spanish Courses
  3. Professional Spanish Courses
  4. Spanish Courses for Kids & Teens
  5. Spanish for Corporations
  6. BRIGHT Espanol Exam Preparation
  7. DELE Exam Preparation
  8. Abroad Spanish Courses

All Spanish course options are taught with our proven method and experienced foreign teachers whose native language is Spanish.

Spanish course prices vary depending on which Spanish course you choose, how the education is conducted, and seasonal campaigns.

Online Spanish course prices, which allow you to take private lessons, start from 1.080 TL per month.

The prices of premium private lessons in Spanish vary according to number of levels, course hours and seasonal campaigns. For detailed information about Spanish course prices, please fill in the online application form.

Our Spanish course teachers are foreign instructors who are experts in their fields. All of the trainers are from countries where Spanish is spoken as a native language, such as Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

How long does it take to learn Spanish is a constantly researched topic. Generally speaking, with the Spanish course, you will learn to use Spanish effectively in one year. For specific needs, such as practicing medicine in Spain, finding and selling Spanish customers without any assistance, it may take longer as higher levels are required.

While studying in Spanish courses, it is important that you make Spanish a part of your life and use it by practice. The more you integrate what you have learned into your life, the shorter your Spanish learning process will be.

Berlitz is a global language school with a well-deserved fame, described as the best Spanish course in the world. Since its establishment in 1878, it has been providing its students with the best and highest quality Spanish education.

Berlitz, the world’s number one in Spanish education with its foreign language education experience of more than 140 years, is the Spanish course with the highest success rate in achieving the students’ Spanish speaking goals with its unique teaching method.

Spanish is one of Turkey’s most important economic partners. For this reason, many businesspeople are faced with Spanish-speaking people in various business situations. In order to be able to communicate with native speakers of Spanish in real terms, besides knowing Spanish language, cultural understanding, and how you say it is just as important as what you say.

Therefore, beyond learning Spanish, cultural understanding should be an integral part of Spanish courses in order to take advantage of the opportunities available in Spain.

Speaking Spanish with a native speaker is great but having the cultural knowledge to communicate respectfully and effectively has many benefits. It is easier for people with cultural understanding to communicate correctly with people who speak Spanish…