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Executive English Courses

Berlitz provides Executive English courses for top-level managers in more than 70 countries with a high percentage of success rate. Berlitz owes this success to its ability to accurately English learning needs of executives, to work in coordination with the education planners and human resources departments, to the strong communication established by Berlitz teachers with the managers, and to the corporation’s return on the investment. The whole process is managed in line with the Berlitz business Executive English course principles.

Executive English Course Features

Berlitz Method Executive English Course

Berlitz Method

Berlitz Method® is at the center of Berlitz Executive English courses. It is based on the speaking of the executives in the lessons to learn English by practice. Your executives actively learn the language by practicing speaking English without memorizing grammar. The course materials used in Executive English trainings are prepared according to the Berlitz Method; they are not books that teach formulas. Executive English lessons are prepared according to the needs of the business world and contain dialogue and role-play.

Effective Results on Executive English Courses

Effective Results

Thanks to the active practical Berlitz Executive English lessons and unifying online trainings, your top managers will achieve visible results in a short time in their English comprehension and speaking skills. Executive English training materials prepared according to the Berlitz Method to support the development of reading, writing and grammar and ensure that the best results are obtained from the Berlitz trainings of the institutions.

Berlitz Executive English Course Principles

  • Strong cooperation with the Human Resources and training departments and management of the institutions
  • To communicate transparently, honestly and regularly with the Human Resources departments of the institutions
  • Informing and guiding the Human Resources departments of institutions accurately and on time, presenting regular and accountable reports
  • To provide applicable and practical solutions for the budget and educational goals of institutions
  • Analysing the goals and needs of executives correctly, providing the right solutions for these needs and ensuring the development of English for business life
  • Motivating and supporting the executives of the corporation in the process of learning English and thus ensuring that the institution gets maximum efficiency from its investment
  • To ensure that the time spent by the executives in English training is used in the most efficient way
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Executive English Education at World Standards

We can provide Executive English training to the managers of our corporate clients in Istanbul at their location. Executive English training can be taken online, always with live, instructor-led lessons for maximum learner participation. Our enthusiastic, native-fluent instructors will help ensure that your executives learn the English language spoken in the real world.

We can organize Executive English lessons for your managers with the same quality, standard and same materials as Berlitz Global’s branches in English-speaking countries, such as America, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. With our native-fluent English teachers, you can improve your executives’ English proficiency in a short time and communicate better with your business partners.

All the work done in Berlitz Executive English lessons provides your managers with the opportunity to practice intensive English speaking.

Executive English lessons are planned for your top managers to improve their skills by speaking English with their instructors. Executives who are encouraged to speak English improve their vocabulary while learning grammar rules. Berlitz is not only a grammar-teaching English course, but also a English-speaking language school

At the beginning of the training, with the online level placement test and speaking test used by Berlitz Global all over the world, the English levels of the executives are determined with high accuracy and lesson plans are created specific to your executives.

The executive English course planned by Berlitz Global includes levels based on The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). Berlitz executive English lessons are planned as 8 levels in Berlitz branches all over the world.

Business English training can be given at all levels in executive English trainings

Berlitz works with teachers all over the world whose native language is the language you want to learn. For example, if you are studying Swedish for your institution, a Swedish teacher comes to your institution.

Outdated translation methods are not used in Berlitz Executive English trainings. Executives start speaking English from the first lesson. Berlitz academic directing includes pre-trained teachers in the Berlitz Method® training program, and only teachers who successfully complete this training program can become Berlitz Executive English program teachers.

An important part of the Berlitz Executive English training program is the individual progress report. An individual development report is prepared separately for each of your executives by the Berlitz academic director. The purpose of this report is to give the necessary feedback to enable the executives of the corporation to achieve their English-speaking goals.

The Berlitz Method® is designed for your executives to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a coordinated manner and to speak English correctly, effectively and fluently.

Teachers preparing supplementary worksheets and supplementary materials, which is often seen in other executive English courses, do not occur in Berlitz executive English programs. Executive English training materials, prepared by Berlitz Global according to the needs of all levels, are available for all your executives and these materials are sufficient for your managers’ English language development. Thus, it is guaranteed that all your top level managers have access to the highest quality Executive English training materials.