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Business German Courses

Berlitz provides business German courses for corporations in more than 70 countries with a high percentage of success rate. Berlitz owes this success to its ability to accurately analyse German training needs of corporations, to work in coordination with the education planners and human resources departments, to the strong communication established by Berlitz teachers with the employees, and to the corporation’s return on the investment. The whole process is managed in line with the Berlitz business German courses principles.

Business German Course for Corporations Features

Berlitz Method Corporate German Trainings

Berlitz Method

Berlitz Method® is at the center of Berlitz business German courses. It is based on the speaking of the employees in the classroom to learn German by practice. Your employees actively learn the language by practicing speaking German without memorizing grammar. The course materials used in corporate German trainings are prepared according to the Berlitz Method; they are not books that teach formulas. German lessons are prepared according to the needs of the business world and contain dialogue and role-play.

Effective Results on Corporate German Training

Effective Results

Thanks to the active practical Berlitz business German lessons and unifying online trainings, your employees will achieve visible results in a short time in their German comprehension and speaking skills. Corporate German training materials prepared according to the Berlitz Method to support the development of reading, writing and grammar and ensure that the best results are obtained from the Berlitz trainings of the institutions.

Berlitz Business German Training Principles

  • Strong cooperation with the Human Resources and training departments and management of the institutions
  • To communicate transparently, honestly and regularly with the Human Resources departments of the institutions
  • Informing and guiding the Human Resources departments of institutions accurately and on time, presenting regular and accountable reports
  • To provide applicable and practical solutions for the budget and educational goals of institutions
  • Analysing the goals and needs of institutions and employees correctly, providing the right solutions for these needs and ensuring the development of German for business life
  • Motivating and supporting the employees of the institution in the process of learning German and thus ensuring that the institution gets maximum efficiency from its investment
  • To ensure that the time spent by the employees of the institution in German training is used in the most efficient way
Berlitz Corporate English Trainings Principles

Intensive German Course for Executives

Berlitz Total Immersion® is an intensive and effective type of German private lesson. This personalized and intensive program is one of the fastest and steadiest ways to master speaking German.

The purpose of the Berlitz Total Immersion® program is for the employee of the institution to develop German speaking abilities 1 level in 1 week.

Total Immersion German programs are generally preferred when urgent needs arise. For example, if one of your employees is assigned to your headquarters in the German and his/her German level needs to improve quickly, Total Immersion® is a suitable German training option for your institution.

Intensive English Training for Executives

Corporate German Training Needs Analysis

Budget and German training plans are directly related to each other. We can follow 3 different ways while preparing the budget and German training plans. In the first approach, institutions set academic goals in German training (such as how many people will reach this level in a short time) and your Berlitz education consultant prepares the budget and German training plan necessary to achieve this goal. In the second approach, the budget, duration and number of trainees are determined. Your education consultant reports to you how much the German level of the employees who receive training can improve and to what level they can reach, with the optimum use of the budget in the specified time. In the third approach, the budget, duration and German level target are clear. In this case, your training consultant will report to you how many employees can reach the specified German level within these limits.

The target that the institution wants to achieve at the end of the German language education program is of great importance for the shaping of the education plan. For example, if an employee of a multinational company is going to go abroad and his/her German proficiency needs to be achieved in a short time, the German training program to be offered for this employee and the budget will be different from an employee who is in your talent pool or someone to be promoted in the middle term.

In corporate German trainings, we determine the current German level of all employees who will participate in the program with high accuracy with the online and speaking tests used by Berlitz all over the world.

Face-to-face German training budgets can be high in trainings of 400 people or more. In such cases, online education, virtual classroom or German language education options with Skype may be suggested.

Our corporate business German trainings have special training modules for departments and professions. Customizations will be presented to you by your Berlitz training consultant according to the job and occupation distribution of the employees who will participate in the German training.

Berlitz has virtual classroom and online German training systems for institutions with geographically widespread teams. Berlitz has been working on a global scale with companies that have large field teams such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, Telecom and tobacco for many years. Similarly, companies that have production, warehouse and logistics facilities in different locations such as automotive, appliances and electronics have preferred to work with Berlitz for many years.

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Corporate German Education at World Standards

You may want to receive German trainings at your company headquarters due to the limited time of the employees, the desire to receive training at the company office after work without wasting time on the road, to create synergy within the organization, to trigger the team spirit, for the special needs of the company, and the talent development programs for the employees. Berlitz is always with you with its expert trainers and consultancy team for your Corporate German training requests.

You can organize German group lessons for your institution with the same quality, standard and same materials as Berlitz Global’s branches in German-speaking countries, such as German and Austria. With our native German teachers, you can improve your institution’s German proficiency in a short time and communicate better with your business partners.

All the work done in Berlitz German courses provides the employees with the opportunity to practice intensive German speaking.

Corporate German group lessons are planned for employees to improve their skills by speaking German with their teachers and each other. Employees who are encouraged to speak German improve their vocabulary while learning grammar rules. Berlitz is not only a grammar-teaching German course, but also a German-speaking language school

At the beginning of the training, with the online level placement test and speaking test used by Berlitz Global all over the world, the German levels of the employees are determined with high accuracy and groups are created with homogeneous levels specific to your institution.

We do not charge for our online test to determine the German level of all your employees. Please contact us for online German testing and reporting.

The corporate German course planned by Berlitz Global includes levels based on The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). Berlitz corporate German group lessons are planned as 8 levels in Berlitz branches all over the world.

The first 4 levels of German courses cover general German, and the last 4 levels include Business German training.

Berlitz works with teachers all over the world whose native language is the language you want to learn. For example, if you are studying German for your institution, a German teacher comes to your institution.

Outdated translation methods are not used in Berlitz German trainings. You start speaking German from the first lesson. Berlitz academic directing includes pre-trained teachers in the Berlitz Method® training program, and only teachers who successfully complete this training program can become Berlitz teachers.

An important part of the Berlitz German training program is the individual progress report. An individual development report is prepared separately for each of your employees by the Berlitz academic director. The purpose of this report is to give the necessary feedback to enable the employees of the institution to achieve their German-speaking goals.

The Berlitz Method® is designed for your employees to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a coordinated manner and to speak German correctly, effectively and fluently.

Teachers preparing supplementary worksheets and supplementary materials, which is often seen in other corporate German courses, do not occur in Berlitz corporate trainings. Corporate German training materials, prepared by Berlitz Global according to the needs of all levels, are available for all your employees and these materials are sufficient for your employees’ German language development. Thus, it is guaranteed that all your employees of the institution have access to the highest quality corporate German training materials.