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Language Learning in Live Online Classrooms

Learn Any Language Anywhere, Anytime, Anytime

By using the Internet browser of your computer or mobile device, you can participate in live online lessons with your native-fluent teacher from different places and at any time.

Tarayıcıdan Sanal Sınıf Eğitimine Ulaşabilirsiniz

Live online lessons are delivered by Berlitz instructors in real-time on a video call that you can schedule from your student portal. This means you can learn from home, in the office or on the go, wherever you want.

Uzaktan yabandı dil kursu

Berlitz live virtual classrooms are a foreign language education system managed by Berlitz Global, given by Berlitz Global’s native English speakers and guaranteed by Berlitz Global.

Zamanı değerli olan ve nerede olurlarsa olsunlar Berlitz kalitesiyle ders almak isteyen bireyler için

Berlitz live online classes are offered as private lessons and group lessons for individuals. If you are interested in our corporate virtual classroom solutions, please click here.

Premium ingilizce kursu

Unlike other Internet-based language learning programs, in Berlitz live online classes, you get real-life language skills and speak right away. All live online language classes follow the Berlitz Method, which focuses on developing practical communication skills.

Sanal Sınıflarda Uzaktan İngilizce Kursu

Live online lessons are the ideal for individuals whose time is valuable and who want to learn with Berlitz quality wherever they are.

uzaktan ingilizce eğitimi veren öğretmenler

With the private lesson option of Berlitz live online classes, you can learn a foreign language on the day and time you want and wherever you want. Unlike other computer-based training programs, live online lessons are conducted live. Students interact with their instructors with the Berlitz Method®. All trainings are given by “native” teachers whose mother tongue is your target language, who are competent in their field and specially trained in distance education.

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